Non-Jailbreak Solution supports iOS 6.0 - 9.3

Non-Jailbreak Solution supports iOS 6.0 - 9.3

Mobistealth Android Spy Software Features

Mobistealth Android app empowers parents and employers to safeguard their reasonable interests through a wide range of powerful features. Check out the complete list and details of available features below.

No Rooting Required

There is no need to root your Android device.

Listen to Call Recording

You can listen to call recordings and call surroundings from miles away.

Access Call Details

You can view complete details of every call made or received, including number, time, date, and duration.

Access Contact Details

Get access to details of all contacts, including masked/altered ones.

View Sent/Received SMS

Monitor details of all text messages sent to and from the phone, including number, time, date, and the actual content of those messages.

Monitor Web Browsing

View details of all the websites that have been accessed on the phone.

View Application List

Get a completelist and details of all the apps installed on the phone.

Location Tracking

Track the whereabouts of the phone and its holder, even in areas where there are no GPS signals.

Location History

View the location history of the phone and its holder.

Monitor Pictures and Videos

View all pictures and videos stored on the phone.

Receive SIM Change Notification

Get notified immediately via SMS when the phone's SIM is changed.

Remotely Wipe Phone

Instantly wipe out all the data from the phone by merely sending a secret SMS to it in case of emergency.

We are compatible on all major carriers